Every weekend there could be 40-50 events going on and sometimes 250 events in a month around the state of Florida. Race Directors are fighting for the runners attention and to build upon the brand they have created for there race. Endurance Sports Timing has the ability to make your race stand out from the rest in this already exploding market. Race Directors want a seamless transition for there participants from registration, packet pickup to race day features they can provide for there athletes.
Race Timing

Race timing is one of the most important things that can make or break a race. Endurance Sports Timing is one of the largest timers in Florida and uses the latest disposable bib chip technology. Along with our timing we are able to offer a seamless registration process through kiosk and live on demand results at the race site and online as the runners are crossing. We have a strong belief that if a big race can have all the high end technology how come a local race cannot and that is were Endurance Sports Timing comes in.

Our races range from 100 person 5k to a 10000 person multi distance races. It does not matter how big our small your race is we have a plan that can fit into any race budget and needs. We handle over 50k runners a year and strive to have the best experience for the athlete they can have
Endurance Sports Timing Marketing

Events need to get the race name out there and attract new and existing participants. With Endurance Sports Timing you will have a timing company that is committed in getting your events name out there to the runners. Events that use we encourage them to use there email marketing to info past participants on what is going on, any price increase and important race information.

Endurance Sports Timing will be using there data base of 20k+ runners through email marketing Facebook and on our websites We also have the ability to have events cross promote at other events we are at with flyers and race registration giveaways.
Race Registration
We offer a continually growing set of features and options designed to take care of the details AND the big picture.
Just a few basics:
Race Websites: Free, dedicated race website or customizable widgets to integrate registration directly onto your existing website.
Registration: Easy online credit card registrations for runners and kiosks for day-of registrations.
Results: Searchable, sortable automated results and automatic notifications for participants.
Promotions: Direct Social Media interaction, discounts and coupon options, and targeted email marketing.