Welcome to Endurance Sports Timing


Endurance Sports Timing was founded in 2010 and has become one of the top timing and scoring companies in Florida. We strive to provide each race and each runner with a positive experience, while quickly producing accurate results on-site. We provide services for a wide range of races, from small local 5Ks to large scale endurance events. We pride ourselves on offering a professional and personalized service to our valued clients. 

Endurance Sports Timing uses a custom timing system called BlueBox that has the ability to scale to any size event. Results are posted live online with an email and text message sent to each finisher as they complete their race. Each participant’s individual results link will include a finisher certificate, all relevant splits, ranks and any award that they won at the event, all immediately available online. 


We stand out from the rest with our focus on participant experience.  It all begins with your customized RunSignUp registration page and wraps up with LIVE RaceDayScoring.  We have plenty of extras to add to your event, such as RaceJoy, fundraising, and challenges. 


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